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Friday, September 11, 20152:02 AM(View: 3503)
Coffee is an important export commodity. In 2004, coffee was agricultural goods are exported in 12 countries, and in 2005, it exported agricultural 7th legitimate world by value.
Friday, September 11, 20151:58 AM(View: 3424)
Coffee plays an important role in societies throughout modern history. In Africa and Yemen, it was used in religious ceremonies. The result is that the Ethiopian church banned the use of coffee...
Friday, September 11, 20151:50 AM(View: 3695)
Unlike other beverages, coffee's main function is not refreshing, even though the American people to drink it as refreshments. Many people drink it with the aim of creating excitement.
Friday, September 11, 201512:52 AM(View: 2778)
The quality of coffee or caste vary by each plant, each county and different growing areas. Robusta coffee is rated lower than arabica due to lower quality and price which is cheaper.