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Tuesday, September 15, 201511:01 PM(View: 8573)
Cafe Cappuccino
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According to a legend that was recorded on paper in 1671, the goatherd in Kaffa (of Ethiopia today) discovered a number of goats in the herd after eating a tree with white flowers and red fruit has run dance tirelessly until midnight. They brought this matter to the monks at a nearby monastery. When a goatherd of them tasting red fruits which he has confirmed its efficacy. Then the priest went to reconsider areas of the goats graze and discovers a dark green leafy trees and fruits like cherries. They drink from the fruit juice and sober conversation pray till late night. Thus can be seen that by the goats of this, people have been coffee.

It is believed that the Ethiopian province of Kaffa is the land of origin of the coffee tree. From the 9th century it was already mentioning this plant here. In the 14th century the slave trade coffee from Ethiopia brought into the Arab region. But until the mid-15th century became known that roasted coffee beans up and use it as a drink. The Arab region is the exclusive coffee palace. Coffee exchange center is the port city of Mocha, or also known as Mokka, ie the city of Al Mukha Yemen today.

How barista tradition Ethiopia is probably the oldest method. Coffee beans in a saucepan for large iron and roasted, then crushed in a mortar or for. Space debris pounding grain that is mixed with sugar in a jar called jebena (a tapered bottle neck with straps), cook up and poured out the bowl.
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